John Malkovich Embarks on a Fashion Career in Soulful Short Film for Squarespace

Many of his fans might not know that Academy Award nominee John Malkovich actually got his start as a costume designer. Now, Malkovich is taking up a career in fashion design again with the help of Squarespace, which redesigned his website,, to show off his new fashion collection. Squarespace's short film showcases Malkovich's decision to venture back into the fashion world.
The soulful three-minute video has Malkovich roaming the streets of Paris and sketching his new designs, while receiving calls and emails from disbelieving Hollywood colleagues about his new career path. "John, come on, we've got movies to make," one tells him.
But, Malkovich ultimately perseveres, saying, "I've never made my life about what other people thought of me or what I should do."
The ad is designed to show off Malkovich's journey and Squarespace's role in helping him and other freelancers and entrepreneurs pursue new careers, said Squarespace's chief creative officer David Lee.
"John's story is of change, transformation and reinvention," Lee said. "It's a gentle reminder that you don't have to settle with the hand you've been dealt. These are the sorts of multifaceted individuals we love to highlight and partner with."

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